5 Suggestions for Hosting a Business Event After the Holidays

5 Suggestions for Hosting a Business Event After the Holidays

Despite the increased uncertainty and restrictions (Heighton-Ginns & Race, 2021), many organizations are planning to host their upcoming events. Business operations and activities will continue, so how do you ensure that there will be enough attendees when moving forward with plans that include events?

Certainly, event organizers must be aware of pertinent requirements, such as additional restrictions (MOH, 2021). These include only allowing fully vaccinated attendees to attend in-person events.

In this blog, we will discuss five strategies for continuing to host a successful business event in the face of today’s extreme uncertainty.


  1. Incorporate live streaming

Event organizers should make sure that live streaming is available if the in-person event cannot be held. As a result, event organizers can plan hybrid events. Hybrid events combine the best elements of virtual and in-person events and are the most effective way to reach audiences across borders. With hybrid events expected to be the future of events, event organizers can continue with business plans despite negative externalities while capturing attendees’ attention. To ensure the success of your hybrid event, we recommend that you read our blog post about avoiding common hybrid event mistakes.


  1. Make use of new technology and gamification

It is critical to take advantage of technological advancements to improve your event experiences (Baer, 2020). Because of the uncertainties and constraints, most activities will take place virtually, putting increased pressure on you to attract and engage your target audience. One way to engage your audience with the content and with one another at your events is to use new technology and incorporate gamification.

Metaverse is an example of a new technology that appears to be leading the future of the events industry. It foreshadows a bright future by allowing users to create one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences. The use of AR and 3D holograms, for example, transports the audience to a deeper virtual realm, immersing them in an experience in which they can engage with all five senses. As a result of the expanded feature set, event organizers can create unique virtual experiences.


  1. Plan Networking Opportunities

We’ve learned the value of staying connected in recent years. Even though social distancing has made networking events scarce, event organizers have used Event Management Tools to help them create meaningful experiences. Scheduling networking opportunities at your business events, for example, will help build excitement for your next event. On that note, whether your event is in-person, hybrid, or virtual, it is critical to ensure effective networking.


  1. Deliver Targeted Messaging

With so much content and events to choose from during the busy holiday season, it’s easy to dismiss an event reminder pop-up. Increased restrictions, on the other hand, may reduce people’s desire to attend in-person events. As a result, the email’s content should concentrate on specific messages that are beneficial to the attendee. For example, how will the event handle health and safety procedures, or how to schedule and maximize this opportunity, and so on.

Because different types of audiences have different needs, it is critical to segment your target audience and provide various messages accordingly.


  1. Distribute Letters and Special Gifts

Nurturing your relationship with potential attendees is one of the most effective ways to attract them. You can accomplish this by performing simple actions such as sending “Thank You” letters. It can help you expand your client base as well as promote your event (Swigunski, 2021).

A key strategy is to let your target audience know they are appreciated. This strengthens your connection with your target audience and encourages them to attend your events.

To summarize, holding business events after the holiday season with additional restrictions may be difficult. However, by following these five suggestions, you can begin to plan and organize engaging and memorable events.

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