Pride Posture™

Our Pride Posture™ is an ideology and philosophy developed to provide a foundation from which all actions, attitudes, decisions and problem solving is generated. It is a belief that we must enjoy what we do in order to be great at it. It is never being satisfied with an end product that is less than 100%. Anyone can be 99%. We are always working toward perfection.

Pride Posture™ is all about “Paying it Forward”, making a difference in someone’s life, because it is the right thing to do; not looking for a reaction or to reap any benefit. Pride Posture™ sets the mind to a positive mental attitude. Look at a problem as a challenge, and look for the lesson in every challenge. Challenges are desired in order to stimulate the mind and creative thinking.

Pride Posture
Pride Posture
Pride Posture

Pride Posture™ is exceeding everyone’s expectations by providing better service, treating people better than they have been treated before and getting answers to every question. It is being flexible, being able to change and being able to adjust to a situation. It is having pride in your product or service and demonstrating that pride with every action you take.

Pride Posture™ teaches our Associates to address all Clients and their guests as Ma’am and Sir, making them feel as though they are welcome and are the most important people at that moment. Associates never say, “I don’t know” or “I can’t”. An Associate will respond with “Ma’am or Sir, give me just a minute and I will find out for you.”

Pride Posture™ is acting as though you are an ambassador to the event or project. An Associate is the first contact that a Client and their guests will have at an event. That first impression is what they will carry with them into the event. Upon leaving an event, the Associate is often the last contact they will have, so we make it a positive one.

Pride Posture™ is looking for a way to help someone (i.e., opening the door for someone carrying a handful of packages, asking people to move for the person pushing the garbage cart, helping a child find their lost parent), always looking the person you are addressing in the eye; going to eye-level to speak with others (i.e., children or people in wheelchairs). It is a simple smile. A smile can make all the difference in the world. A smile can make a 115° day a little cooler. A smile can take someone’s mind off of his or her troubles.

Do what’s right. Offer a smile and take Pride in everything you do.