Winter Weddings: Why Couples Should Consider it

Winter Weddings: Why Couples Should Consider it

You should think about getting married in the winter if you enjoy hot cocoa and wintery scenery! Of course, everyone agrees that weddings in the summer and spring are wonderful, but few realize they are overlooking weddings in the winter. This article will outline a few benefits of exchanging vows while it’s snowing outdoors!

1. You pay less money on decorations, venues, catering, everything

Wedding planners and vendors, including but not limited to caterers and photographers, may be persuaded to offer discounts in order to increase sales during the slower season of the year. Winter is the off-season for weddings. How wonderful would it be not to have to spend a fortune planning your wedding? More like a finger and a toe, really! Don’t expect anything to be given away for free, though; vendors still stand to make some money from their sales, and that is only fair given that they are still rendering a service.

2. Snow is the best backdrop for wedding photos

Everyone enjoys winter photography, even those who dislike living in cold climates. There’s something magical about the groom and bride walking hand in hand on a sparkling bed of fresh snow as the barren tree limbs are sparkling with new snow. Everyone desires a romantic and private wedding day, which is exactly what a snowy environment outdoors provides! If you have the time, decorate trees and walkways with shiny lanterns and strings of Edison bulbs or Christmas lights to heighten the nostalgic ambiance.

3. Hot drinks make great cocktails

What could be better than welcoming your guests to the reception hall with warm, entertaining beverages that ward off the chill? Warm up the crowd (both literally and figuratively) with hot toddies, spiked hot chocolate, mulled wine, eggnog-based drinks, or mulled cider!

4. Save money on décor

For weddings, decorations are a low-key money-eating monster; but, if your special day falls close to Valentine’s Day or Christmas, the venue’s proprietors may have already decorated it for a prior celebration. Even while “recycled decorations” may not sound exciting, consider the money you will save on items that you will eventually have to toss away. No one will notice or care that you didn’t have to spend your hard-earned money on the decorations; all they will see are the lovely decorations. You can add items here and there to liven up the current decorations and showcase your style if you want to add your own touch.

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