Summer Weddings Guide

Summer Weddings Guide

The two things that go together well are summer and weddings. Summer is the best season for getting married because of the warm weather, lush vegetation, and stunning blooms. Why are you holding out? Set the date, choose the location, and start organising your wedding for this summer. Your summer wedding needs a lot of meticulous planning in order to fulfil your vision and run well. You have a lot to think about for your wedding, from the dress type to the table settings. View this concise guide to planning your summer wedding.

Protect your wedding look

Remember that a summer wedding will take place in hot weather, so choose a chiffon, voile, or crepe wedding dress composed of a lighter, breathable fabric. If the ceremony and reception are being held outside, omit the lengthy train. For the males, choose a tuxedo fabric that breathes well, and for open-backed vests, use cashmere, chambray, or seersucker that is light and airy. Backs and pits covered in sweat are unattractive. Smooth hairstyles, like as a pulled-back chignon or low ponytail, are ideal for hot, muggy weather. If you’re unsure about the perfect summer wedding hairstyle, ask a hairstylist. Wait till the wedding night before having fun with your hair.

Venue should be ‘cool’

The summer months are warm and can have sweltering highs. It goes without saying that you don’t want your wedding party and guests to feel overheated and uncomfortable. No matter if the venue is inside (ballroom) or outdoor (beach, patio), the temperature should be comfortable for all visitors. Think about how hot your venue can get and, if necessary, give your guests access to some sort of shade. Don’t let your guests spend a lot of time sitting in the sun. To guarantee that you, your partner, and your guests are comfortable, the venue may even offer shade choices, such as umbrellas or covered patios. Alternatively, you may be able to rent a specific covering or an air conditioner and bring it to the location.

Keep your flowers fresh

You may choose the appropriate flowers for your summer wedding with the assistance of your florist. Bloom and colours should immediately come to mind, and some flowers are better suited for a summer wedding than others. Consider peonies, which are a favourite for summer weddings because of their delicate colours and stunning, exquisite flowers. No matter the season, roses are a surefire winner. Lavender is a great choice for any arrangement on a special day if you’re seeking for the perfect accent flowers. Proteas can survive high temperatures, but hydrangeas are a traditional bridal flower of choice because of their large blooms and delicate colours. Flowers like hydrangea require a reliable water source to avoid wilting, which can occur in a matter of minutes.


Protect your food from the bugs and heat

Some menu items should not be heated, but even worse, heat can make diners unwell. Prioritize coo-food service and make sure that cheeses, meats, and seafood are kept in high-cooled serving plates as directed. If necessary, the caterer should substitute cooler and fresher dishes for those that have been heated by the sun, such as salad dressings. This is to prevent food spoiling and to safeguard the safety of everyone attending your summer wedding. To keep flies and bees away from food, keep serving platters covered. Request that the wedding cake be kept chilled until it’s time to cut it.

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