The Best Tent For Your Event

The Best Tent For Your Event

When organising an outdoor event, you need to have a plan in place for dealing with unforeseen weather changes. The good news is that the solution is both simple and elegant while also being cost-effective. Installing an outside tent is always an option if you want to keep your visitors safe and guarantee they have a good time.

However, if you want to throw a successful and unforgettable event, you must pick the proper kind of commercial tent. Based on their design and intended use, different tents are available for rent, giving you a wide range of possibilities. Let’s examine some event tents in general.

Frame Tent

Commercial tents are called frame tents, and they differ significantly from pole tents in that they require centre poles for support. Therefore, these tents give visitors a clear view in all directions.

The tents are perfect for larger events with a larger attendance, like public meetings, business events, and even weddings. There are many distinct frame tent varieties, making this a more diverse category of tent types.

Pole Tent

The most popular style of a conventional event tent is the pole tent. These include connecting poles and centre poles to support the tent construction. Due to the need for staking to the ground to ensure the stability of the construction, they are often placed on grassy terrain.

Although pole tents can only be used on a few different surfaces, they are nonetheless adaptable and suited for the majority of small occasions. For instance, they are useful for barbecues and outdoor family events. Not to mention that they are very affordable and offer a variety of size possibilities.

But remember that because of the center pole, pole tents don’t always provide a clear line of sight. Consequently, they might not be the best option if you’re planning focal events like weddings.

Sailcloth Style Tent

Guy ropes, peaks, and center poles make up sailcloth tents. With their wooden poles, flags, and fabric tops, these have a natural appearance. The top cloth is made of a translucent material that is excellent for projecting light or letting in natural daylight.

Not to mention, it gives your outdoor event just the right amount of beauty and elegance. Additionally, sailcloth tents have no perimeter valance. In times of intense rain, the top does not provide much water protection.

Sailcloth tents are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from short ones with a single center pole to longer ones with numerous.